There are no words to express how grateful I am, to everyone at The Gallen Adult Day Health Care Center. They treated my Mother like family, always showing her love and kindness while engaging her in terrific activities each and every day...In addition to the care given to my Mother, I received support and help during difficult times from the staff. Their concern was genuine and their help immeasurable. I will always be in their debt.
Ms. L of Cresskill
I cannot thank the Gallen Adult Day Center enough for what they are providing for my husband. He loves to come each day and spend the hours there. I could not have imagined just a few weeks ago that this would be so. He was a very private, dignified man, with a great sense of humor, friends, enjoyed the theater, concerts and hiking. Now, at age 90, he has developed dementia...I worried that he would not participate in anything, that he would want to sit at home doing nothing. Within a day I knew my worries were unfounded. These amazing people - all of them, therapists, social worker, nurse, everyone - had him not only playing Bingo, but dancing, yes dancing (I used to have to beg him to dance with me), meditating and loving it all. they are patient, kind and enthusiastic, with him and with all the members there. He is a changed man. How can I possibly thank them enough for what they are doing for him, for their warm acceptance of him as he is. I can't thank them enough for giving him back his life, his new life, his different life, when it seemed that for all intents and purposes it was over. This is a remarkable place, a place to be appreciated and beloved.
Ms. M of Ft. Lee
In retrospect, I must say that the Gallen Adult Day Center has enabled my wife to have a more fulfilling life, while remaining at home. The staff is wonderful and extremely professional, treating everyone in the program as though that person were a member of their own family. The participants in the program enjoy a full day of activities plus meals and snacks. The facility is that of a 5 star hotel. In addition to caring for the participants in the program, the staff are available and most anxious to assist the caregiver in many ways. In addition, there is a support group for the caregivers which meets monthly. I find this enormously helpful.
Mr. R of Bergenfield
On behalf of my husband, I must thank the very competent staff for your superior service taking care of his needs these years. He has been so happy with your program, always looked forward to your daily schedule, and always had a smile on his face when he came home! What the staff does for our family members is amazing. Thank you all.
Ms. P of Cliffside Park
The Gallen Adult Day Health Care Center can be contacted directly at 201-750-4238, or at gallen@jewishhomefamily.org


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