When you should contact us

  • For professional support in managing the older person’s chronic health conditions that may require changes in daily routines such as giving up driving a car or bathing independently and/or structural changes to the home environment

  • If you see changes in your loved one’s mood and behavior, ability to make safe decisions, increased confusion, poor appetite and weight loss, incidents of falls, or withdrawal from social activity

  • When the family member finds it more and more difficult to manage the increasing responsibilities of caregiving

  • To avoid “burnout”, when the caregiver feels exhausted, overwhelmed, irritable, discouraged and susceptible to illness

  • At the time of a hospitalization or change in medical condition that affects his or her ability to resume prior level of functioning

Do you know the 8 signals that indicate your loved one may need a little help?

Jewish Home at Home identifies eight important warning signals:
  1. Poor Nutrition and Weight Loss – Is there food in the refrigerator? Is any food spoiled? Has your mother lost her appetite?
  2. Self Neglect – Poor hygiene and grooming, clothing stained, house in disarray, unclean, messy, cluttered
  3. Increased frailty – Multiple hospitalizations, repeated falls, fatigue
  4. Change in mood or behavior – Is your father no longer interested in his favorite sports team? Is he irritable? Does your mother prefer not to leave the house? Does she often become tearful?
  5. Forgetfulness and confusion – Repetitious questions and stories, telephone calls at odd hours, frequently misplacing things, skipped appointments, unopened mail, receives driving tickets or reports of car accidents
  6. Problems with medication – No longer understands what medications she takes, does not take medications regularly, does not refill prescriptions, refuses to take medication
  7. Difficulty handling finances – Are bills left unpaid? Are vendors overcharging for services? Is your father purchasing unnecessary items?
  8. Limited availability of family caregiver – Loss of spouse, children living out of town, family caregivers with competing responsibilities that make them unavailable

The good news is, we can help. Call us at 201.750.4247 or email us.