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Designed to help the elderly and their families meet the challenges of aging in one own’s home

  • The expertise of a care manager helps the older person and family become knowledgeable about the network of geriatric services available including free or low cost community services for which the senior may qualify.

  • Short term and long term care planning leads to informed decisions that utilize financial resources for maximum benefit.

  • Working with a care manager can reduce time away from work and fewer “emergency” trips for family caregivers who live out of state.

  • Our care managers act to improve communication and coordination among family members, physicians and professional caregivers.
Our Care Managers are licensed social workers or nurses with specialized training in geriatrics.

They are members of the Aging Life Care Association and are dedicated to upholding the association’s high ethical standards.


The care manager I worked with was an exceptional person who has helped guide my wife’s care for several years. We faced several medical crisis that were handled and addressed properly by the JH@H care manager.  My wife would not be here now if not for the help provided during the crisis.
Mr. G
I was a new widow and nervous about being alone. I heard about JH@H from a woman at a class on aging and was motivated to sign up.  I can lean on the care manager.  Her presence during emergencies, help with transportation and other services means a lot to me.
Dr. K
JH@H helped coordinate the care for my husband when he was very ill with Parkinson’s disease.  After he passed away, the care manager remained involved.  Now that I am living alone, she made safety recommendations.  She arranged for me to get a personal medical alert system in case of a fall.
Mrs. K
I live in Cincinnati and needed local support and care for my parents here in Bergen County.

The attention to detail is fantastic; not only for the medical care but for all aspects, such as home maintenance.   Our care manager gives advice in all areas and I consider her as a member of the family. When my mother was in the hospital, she visited and asked the attending nurse all the right questions.  She is a knowledgeable advocate. Getting such oversite and advocacy around the clock is what can be expected from JH@H.
Mr. K M
My mother lost her longtime companion and I did not know what to do. After just a few hours of a good assessment, JH@H’s care manager was able to give us a number of options. It has worked out very positively.  The care manager spent a few hours at the assessment visit and did a “wonderful” job providing a clear understanding of what was needed to make my mother safe and engaged.
Mrs. LS
My parents’ ability to live independently was declining. My mother was going to the Emergency Room following falls.  My father was becoming depressed.  My entire family was worried.  After working with JH@H, a totally integrated plan was proposed and implemented.  A great feature of the program was that the social worker and nurse work as a coordinated team.   Both minor and major issues were addressed as needed. Because of the care management, there was consistency between the home care and the rehab services.
Mr. L
I am the only child and live many miles away. We needed local contacts and support. JH@H was recommended by my father’s doctor.  JH@H responded immediately.  The staff was pro-active, attentive, stayed on top of everything.  We communicated well by phone and email.  In-home physician and podiatry visits were scheduled, home health aide services, medication management were provided because my father refused to leave the apartment.  All his needs are being attended to.  Any concerns are brought to my attention right away.  JH@H makes taking care of my father at a distance possible.
Mr. S
We were in crisis.  My mother called telling me that my father fell and refused to go to the hospital.  He was in bed for 4 days.  I didn’t know what to do.  I was referred to JH@H and explained the situation to the care manager.  She went right over to their home, convinced my father to go the hospital and called 911.   He needed surgery.  They arranged for a home health aide to stay with my mother and that was only the beginning.  They developed a plan of care that included house cleaning services, food preparation, and transportation services. I live 100 miles away.  There are no words to express what it meant to me knowing that someone local was on-top of things and there to help.
Mr. and Mrs. S