Second Century Campaign
Posted by Ezra HaLevi, 10/25/2017 12:39:59 PM
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Jewish Home Family Song - Behold How Good it is to Be Together
Posted by Ezra HaLevi, 6/20/2016 01:52:24 PM
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Jewish Home Family's Centennial Israel Mission
Posted by Ezra HaLevi, 6/20/2016 01:49:11 PM
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Category: Israel Mission
SeniorHaven Elder Abuse Prevention Panel for World Elder Abuse Awareness Day
Posted by Ezra HaLevi, 6/17/2016 07:03:03 AM
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Dr. Eitan Okun Presents Alzheimer's Vaccine Research
Posted by Jewish Home Family, 12/4/2015 07:49:17 AM
Our final centennial event was an overwhelming success. We partnered with American Friends of Bar Ilan University and Englewood Hospital and Medical Center to bring Dr. Eitan Okun to the US to present his research on developing a vaccine for Alzheimer's Disease. We are happy to present to you the lecture in its entirety (click to view or right-click + save to download Dr. Okun's slides):

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At the Holiday
Posted by Carol Silver Elliott, 11/24/2015 11:11:21 AM

Every year at Thanksgiving dinner I raise the question with our family and assorted guests—can you name something for which you are thankful? Sometimes it works (mostly with our friends who are too polite to roll their eyes at me) and the responses are no surprise, with folks voicing gratitude for family, friends, health and the like. My own answer is similar, with no shortage of appreciation for a loving husband, a healthy and growing family, wonderful and valued friends and meaningful work

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Category: Aging
The Words We Use
Posted by Carol Silver Elliott, 11/11/2015 05:39:24 AM

I had the privilege of attending the national conference of LeadingAge last week. LeadingAge represents more than 6,000 nonprofit organizations that serve older adults, primarily those in housing, long term care and senior health services.

There was a lot of conversation at the conference about changing names for some of the existing service models, specifically focused on continuing care retirement communities (CCRC). The term CCRC has been around for a number of years and it describes organizations

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Category: Aging
Posted by Carol Silver Elliott, 10/27/2015 05:36:03 AM

For the last ten days I have had the blessing of traveling Israel with seven older adults, the youngest 75 years old and the oldest about to reach 90. It is not an easy thing to travel internationally with seniors. It takes a dedicated team of staff, assigned one to one, and a registered nurse to manage the many medications and health needs. We carry wheelchairs under the bus and we use them, overcoming the less-than-accessible country.

We traveled from the Galilee to Jerusalem and concluded

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Category: Israel Mission
A Purposeful Life
Posted by Carol Silver Elliott, 10/13/2015 05:34:08 AM

Recently one of the older adults with whom I am privileged to work started a comment with “If I had known I was going to live this long . . .” He didn’t end it with the old line about “I would have taken better care of myself.” Instead, he said that he would have planned better; he would have thought more about what he was going to do with his life when he was 80 plus years old.

It sparked a longer conversation with both this man as well as a number of his contemporaries

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Category: Aging
Posted by Carol Silver Elliott, 9/30/2015 05:32:13 AM

Forgiving — what does it mean?

We all know Alexander Pope’s quote, “to err is human; to forgive divine” and while I am not sure that forgiving is divine, I have come to believe that it is necessary. During the holidays, and specifically at Yom Kippur, forgiveness is really intended to be part of our worship. We are supposed to think about those we have wronged in some way during the year past and ask them to forgive us, repairing the damage as best we can. In

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Category: Aging
The Dangers of Depression
Posted by Carol Silver Elliott, 9/17/2015 05:30:23 AM

It is the holiday season and many greet the New Year with the joy of family getting together, the opportunity to worship as a community and the chance to both review the year past and think about the year to come. For some, however, holidays can bring up complicated and difficult emotions and be triggers for depression.

Older adults are often at risk for depression because of the inevitable changes and losses they have experienced in life. Some have lost spouses, siblings, children and friends

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Category: Aging
The Work of Caring
Posted by Carol Silver Elliott, 9/1/2015 05:28:14 AM

This week I will note a milestone in my life – maybe not a milestone most people would track, but I am one of those people who retains, and thinks about, dates. The milestone is becoming, this Thursday, older than my mother was when she passed away. She was diagnosed with breast cancer very young – when I was a freshman in high school, and she fought with everything she had, but in the end it was a battle she lost.

She missed so much and I’ve missed, every day, sharing life with

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Category: Skilled Nursing
Posted by Carol Silver Elliott, 8/18/2015 05:18:06 AM

Balance. Some of us talk about it as the struggle to manage our busy personal and professional lives and that’s certainly a relevant use of the term. But when we talk about older adults, balance, in the sense of physical ability, is critical.

It sounds like an easy thing but it is not. Balance involves more than muscles, it also involves our vision; the vestibular system in our inner ear which helps us with knowing “up” and “down” and sensing motion; and something

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Category: Aging
What can YOU do about elder abuse?
Posted by Carol Silver Elliott, 8/4/2015 05:15:15 AM

If you were told that there was a major problem in the United States that affected more than one in ten individuals, would you be concerned? If you knew that there were more than 2.5 million people who were victims of a particular type of crime each year, would you think, “That is a serious problem that needs to be addressed?”

One would think that numbers that staggering would merit some attention, particularly when you recognize that the individuals suffering are all in one age group — individuals

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Category: SeniorHaven For the Prevention of Elder Abuse
Capturing History
Posted by Carol Silver Elliott, 7/21/2015 05:12:56 AM

It’s the season of school vacations, travel that is less limited by weather; a time that we often use for reunions, visits and just reconnecting. Families sit around a table or on chairs at the beach and share stories and recollections, and the conversations are often peppered with “Remember the time?” Older adults are often a great source of these stories, telling tales of their own lives, their children’s youth and even what they remember being told by their own parents

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Category: Aging
How do I Know When my Aging Parent Needs Help?
Posted by Carol Silver Elliott, 7/7/2015 05:09:57 AM

Who ever imagined themselves being referred to as an “adult child”? Yet, for many of us with aging parents, that’s a term we have come to understand. We adult children often find ourselves in the position of juggling the competing needs of both children and parents, not always in a way that feels successful. One of the questions we often ask ourselves, and as professionals we often hear, is “How do I know when my parent needs my help?” and “How do I know how to

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Category: Jewish Home at Home
Posted by Carol Silver Elliott, 6/23/2015 05:06:17 AM
Volunteering . . . giving of your time for the benefit of others, giving of your time without expecting or receiving any financial gain. If you read anything about voluntarism right now you will find one consistent theme: that the ranks of volunteers are declining and that organizations dependent upon volunteers are struggling to recruit and retain.

Why does volunteering matter? In the nonprofit world many small organizations survive on very limited budgets, minimal resources and few, if any,
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Category: Judaism
Can we Unlock Dementia Through Art?
Posted by Carol Silver Elliott, 6/9/2015 05:01:44 AM
What would it be like to lose the ability to make your own choices? What if the control of your everyday life was no longer yours? From the simplest things, like when to get up in the morning and what to wear and how your day would be spent, to the more complex—giving up your home, your car keys and your independence—how would it be if you had no input into any of that?

Unfortunately, that is all too often the case for individuals who have dementia. Dementia is not one disease, rather
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Category: Aging
How to Conquer Ageism
Posted by Carol Silver Elliott, 5/26/2015 04:56:06 AM
The month of May is drawing to a close. It’s the month that’s been designated as Older Americans Month, intended to be a time that we honor the years and wisdom of those who have reached advanced age.

We all know that the sheer number of older adults is increasing—the demographics are undeniable but are these older adults getting the kind of attention and respect that their age alone merits?

Sadly, ageism is alive and well and living in this country. Older adults often find
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Category: Aging
Hello, Aging World!
Posted by Carol Silver Elliott, 5/12/2015 04:52:40 AM
Aging. It is a challenging process, both for each of us as we age, and for many of us as we try to manage the health and other needs of our aging parents and other loved ones. Aging doesn’t look like it used to in many respects. We have older adults living longer than ever before in history, often with complex and multiple health challenges. And, at another point on the continuum, we have a demographic shift that is going to change the face of care and services for older adults. The baby
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Category: Aging
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